About me


I am a freelance artist, illustrator and campaigner  based in Cork, Ireland. I have experience working with various types of projects and organisations both on and offline. I am interested in finding creative and accessible ways to communicate complicated ideas, and work to do so through visual scribing, illustration and animation. I have a Masters in Sustainable Design, and am currently doing a level 9 course in Creativity and Change at the Cork Institute of Technology. I work to use my love for the arts and creativity in a productive and positive way. I paint portraits on commission, and sometimes just for fun. I also like trees, animals and going for picnics.

Visual Scribing 

Maia smiley drawing

I offer Visual Scribing (also known as ‘Graphic Recording’) for meetings and conferences, which I do live at events. This is a really useful tool for both taking visual minutes of an event, and helping to extract meaning. I have worked for organisations across Ireland and the UK, including Good Europe, HSE, and Eco-Unesco. Check out my work and find out more here. I am available to do long and short term projects, and can travel for work.





I create illustrations and animations both for a range of projects, and in a range of styles. Have a look at my animations here and my illustrations here. I have illustrated & designed on projects for New Economics Foundation, International Arts Rights Advisors, and Raspberry Tart. Get in touch to chat about how I might be able to bring your project to life with images and movement.

The Painted Face
IMG_1411 (1)

Zoe (a work in progress)

I paint portraits on commission, and can do so from photos or from sittings. I will be adding my portfolio soon… watch this space!


If you’re interested in talking to me about potential projects for any of the above – why not get in touch!


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